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Tips: How To Overcome Going Late To Church | Naijafindmp3

Tips: How To Overcome Going Late To Church

By:KEZIn Daily TipsJul 23, 2019



1. Iron all your cloth before you sleep.

2. Polish/clean footwear before you sleep.

3. Get your Bible, jotter, etc. ready in one place.

4. Get your tithe &. offering ready.

5. Sleep early.

6. Wake up on time.

7. Avoid saying “Even when I get there early, I won’t meet anyone”
Get there early and let someone come and meet you too. Don’t forget you are also someone.

8. Washing on Sundays before church is not encouraged. It may delay you.

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9. If it takes you 15 minutes to drive/walk to the church, always make allowance for extra time in case of anything. For instance, if service is 8am and it takes you 10 minutes to drive/walk to church, it’s always better to leave home 7:40.

10. Plan to get to church at least 10 mins before service starts.

11. Don’t give room for friends and relatives to visit you few hours to service. If they come when you are preparing for church, take them along or make them wait until you are back. They are not more important than God.

Going to church early invokes the blessing of the Lord upon your life.

Don’t be a habitual late comer to church, it’s a dishonour to your God.

Lateness to service is unfaithfulness.

Don’t also form the habit of choosing Sundays that you like for Church service. All Sundays are important to God as long as you are healthy.

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Let your worship be a sweet smelling sacrifice to God.

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