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News: Lionel Messi Has Received His Sixth Golden Boot | Naijafindmp3

News: Lionel Messi Has Received His Sixth Golden Boot

By:KEZIn News, TrendingJun 9, 2020


Sixth Golden Boot won by Messi

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Barcelona’s Lionel Messi has set another ridiculous and awesome record as he won and received his sixth (6th) European Golden Boot Award a.k.a Bota D’ro today!,

Lionel Messi has received his sixth Golden Boot for a wonderful sensational season he had last season 018/2019, scoring 36 goals in total only Kylian Mbappe is close to him with 33 goals, He has defended his crown, although Kylian Mbappe with Sampdoria veteran Fabio Quagliarella coming within a sniff of the Barcelona star.

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However, this is a strong and tough record to break considering the fact that the second place Cristiano Ronaldo only has four (4) Europe Golden Boot to his name – one with Manchester United and three with Real Madrid before signing for Juventus in Italy.

Messi won 6th Golden Boot

Messi moved clearly on top that nobody can reach him, at least not now. Also held record of most consecutive winning 3times. Nevertheless, stats shows that the Argentine has dominated the Europe Golden Boot stage for the last decades (10years)

Messi dominated the Europe Golden Boot

Now,  a new season has started as the Barcelona’s talisman only scored one goal amid being in series on injury and missed a lot of matches. Bayern Munich Roberto Lewandoski is currently the leading top scorer now, with 11 goals

Do you think Lionel Messi will meet up and continue to win this award again?


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