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News: EPL Rules That Will Affect Chelsea, Manchester United, Arsenal And Others | Naijafindmp3

News: EPL Rules That Will Affect Chelsea, Manchester United, Arsenal And Others

By:KEZIn UncategorizedJul 17, 2019


EPL new rules

Read The EPL New Rules That Will Affect Chelsea, Manchester United, Arsenal And Others 

EPL New Rules – On Tuesday, IFAB approved new rules and changes ahead of the 2019/2020 season that will affect Chelsea, Manchester United, Liverpool, Arsenal, Tottenham, Manchester City and other remaining clubs in the English top-flight league.

The International Football Association Board (IFAB) made it know after the 2018/2019 Premier League campaign which finished in May this year with Manchester City claiming the title over runner up Liverpool.

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It is already certain that video assistant referee, VAR, will be used in the league next season. The IFAB has clarified the situation as regards celebrations ahead of next season. The New Rules affect: Celebrations, Head-to-head records, Scoring from a goalkeeper’s throw, Free-kick walls, Goal-kicks. These alterations will have a huge impact on the Premier League clubs.


The rule state that a goal-kick had to leave the area before being in play. That didn’t used to be an issue; goalkeepers almost always kicked the ball long into midfield where an aerial duel would take place near the halfway line.

Scoring from a goalkeeper’s throw:

The new rule state that if the ball goes into the opposition goal direct from a goalkeeper’s throw, a goal-kick will be awarded.

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The new rule state that a player can be booked for their celebration even if the goal is disallowed.

Head-to-head records:

The new rule state that if two clubs are tied on points, goal difference, goals for and goals against, then their place in the league will be determined by their head-to-head record. Previously, this situation would result in a play-off between the two sides.

Free-kick walls:

The rule state that when there is a defensive wall of three or more defenders, the attackers are not allowed within one yard of the wall.

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