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Tips: Top 7 Ways To Know Whether A Girl Likes You Or Mot

Published By Kez, NF A.C.T, Aug 8, 2020, 7:18 am

Read Tips Top 7 ways to know whether a girl likes you 

Read below and maintain a good relationship 💕Top 7 ways to know whether a girl likes you

7. She finds reasons to be close to you or touch you: When a girl likes you, she will want to make some kind of physical contact with you, as soon as possible.  So you’ll notice her trying to move a little bit closer to you, she might brush her arm or leg against you, to allow some sort of physical contact. She might be a little shy  and will try to make it as unnoticeable as possible.

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She might do something as simple as fixing your collar or tie, ruffling your hair, brushing something off your shoulder or hair. Anyhow it comes, she’s trying to make some sort of excuse to be able to touch you or get as close as possible.

6. She laughs and smiles a lot: the best indication if a girl is into you is that its evident that she feels joyful in your company. This means that she is laughing at what it is that you are saying and she is really smiling and engaging in every-way that she can to communicate that she enjoys being with you. On the contrary, if a girl isn’t into you she’ll smile but she won’t be showing any tip and she won’t be having any of those subtle smiley eyes and she’ll probably be fidgeting with something not because she is nervous but because she is bold and she can’t wait to get out of there.

5. She sends flirty text messages: Texting is a great way to really flirt with somebody and work out or not if they are into you and one of the simplest way to work out if a girl is into you is by what she texts you and if she actually adds little emoji, Now a classy example could be something as “I saw this picture and it made me think of you or

“Maybe one day you might get to take me for a test drive”. Its really obvious that a girl likes you because she would be responding to your messages instantly or pretty much within a short time frame. She will also be asking you questions because she wants to keep the conversation going. Now, if a girl isn’t into you then chances are her responses will be really far in between, they will be short, they will be cold and their will be no emoji.

4. She gets nervous when she is around you: This is a really obvious way to know when a girl likes you because she has all this extra energy that she doesn’t know what to do with. So, most of the time she ends up blushing, she speaks too fast, she gets a sweaty palm, maybe she tears a serviette up because she doesn’t no what to do with her hands or she knocks things over. Either way, this is a perfect time for you to step up and be a real gentle man and put her fears to rest. Now, you could simply do this by drawing her into you big strong arm, or maybe taking her hand and just making her feel at ease and peace.

What this does is that it shows that you are actually responsive, that you are able to take control and it also comes across as romantic and chivalrous.

3. She introduces you to her friends: Honestly, when girls really like a guy, the first thing they do is they go and tell their five best friends, their neighbour, their co-worker and any other person that they really want to. You know why? It is because you’re on their mind and they can’t stop thinking about you. Have you had a coworker of hers work up to you and ask if you were so so and so ?, boom, that’s it right there. If the coworker confesses that she told them about you, just know that you’re on her mind. It is really important that you set the right impression on her friends, coworkers or colleagues because as soon as you leave, they will influence her decision whether or not she should continue to see you. One very important thing you should put in mind when you come across her friends is to remember their names because it shows them that you esteem them which will in turn cause them to like you and influence her to go on with you.

2. She is trying to impress you: If a girl is into you, she is basically wanting to try and win you over as well and she will do this sometimes obviously or subtly. For example, she might put in a little bit of extra effort with her appearance or she might remember something that you said and actually go out and make that happen.

For example you might have offhandedly said, I love Fried rice but detest salad creams, and then she  goes out to buy food for you and herself but ensures that your food doesn’t have any cream. Gentlemen, she wants to communicate that she values you and that she is interested in your life.

Tips: Top 7 Ways To Know Whether A Girl Likes You Or Mot

1. She initiates the kissing: This is a perfect example of how to tell if a woman actually likes you. What you can do is, as you are flirting and teasing, move in for the kiss but don’t actually do the kiss. Allow just enough room for her to move in and seal the deal if she wants to have that kiss. Use the 90/10 rule, where you do 90 percent of the work but then you leave that 10 percent as an opportunity for her to either step up and kiss you or step back, and if she steps back then clearly, she’s not into you. So, what you need to do is lock eyes with her, you need to lean in just enough to see her close her eyes, tilt her head back, feel the breath of her on your face and then stop. Then, If she really is to you, she will continue the kiss the rest of the way. Guys, you don’t want to have to be the first one to initiate what it is that you want to happen in the date, sometimes leaving things half way, gives her the the opportunity to step up and meet you at that point. Top 7 ways to know whether a girl likes you

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