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News: Why Manchester United Win 4 vs 0 against Chelsea | Naijafindmp3

News: Why Manchester United Win 4 vs 0 against Chelsea

By:KEZIn TrendingAug 11, 2019


Sports News: EPL Manchester United 4 vs 0 Chelsea FC, First Premier League Match 2019/20 Season 

Man utd 4 - 0 Chelsea

Why Manchester United won this match, the red devils takes on Chelsea as the new season kick off in England, The first half of the match and a great derby was quite impressive from both teams.

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However, M Rashford registered his premiere league first goal (brace) after converting a penalty, The game became more interesting as Martial scored the second goal to make sure the blues go in pain and put the red devil forward, more goals came on as Manchester United trashed Chelsea at Old Trafford with 4 goals to nil. Although Chelsea has more shots on target and more possession!

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