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News: Who Is The Shortest Man In Nigeria | Naijafindmp3

News: Who Is The Shortest Man In Nigeria

By:KEZIn Educational Info, NewsJun 10, 2020


Do we know who is the shortest man in Nigeria?

Who is the shortest man – World records, Our planet has seen several smallest men. Some of them are alive, and others are already a memory. For example, the shortest man, who was officially recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records, died 3 years ago. His name was Chandra Bahadur Dangi, and he originated from Nepal, with height under 55 centimeters at the age of over 70 years old, this was really a fantastic achievement. “Many of us remember the world’s smallest man from Nepal whose height was less than 55 centimeters, but not many of us know who is the shortest man in Nigeria. Our country also has its own inner records even though many of them haven’t been added to the Guinness Book of World Records”.

Chandra wasn’t the only person who set a record of being the shortest man on the planet. Others were Junrey Balawing (the Philippines, height under 60 centimeters), Khagendra Thapa Magar (Nepal, height under 67 centimeters), Edward Nino Hernandez (Colombia, height approximately 70 centimeters), to name a few.

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Does modern Nigeria have its own shortest man who is extra small compared to ordinary citizens or not?

Name of the shortest man in Nigeria

While the Guinness Book representatives haven’t recorded any Nigerian man as the shortest man in Nigeria and the world, we have seen the photos of a short person who is a student of ABSU.

Nigeria started to talk about its smallest man after governor’s secretary (from Abia State) had posted some images of Chinedu Mitchel. The photos you will find below were shared by Enyinnaya Appolos who works for the government.

Firstly, we have to mention two popular men who are small and famous. We are sure you have guessed their names already. They are Pawpaw and Aki. Nollywood fans love these incredible actors.

Aki’s full name is Chinedu Ikedieze. Pawpaw’s name is Osita Iheme. Both actors have become extremely famous after being featured in the ‘Aki na Ukwa’ movie.

Secondly, there is one small woman whose name is Evely Ochepe who is one of the smallest persons in Nigeria. She comes from Abuja and she graduated 6 years ago.

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