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Man Kills Partner & Himself Fearing They Had Coronavirus

Published By Kez, News, Trending, Aug 8, 2020, 7:01 am

Covid-19 Update: A Man In Illinois Who Believed He Had Coronavirus Has Killed Himself And His Partner (A MUST READ) 

Man Kills Partner & Himself Fearing They Had Coronavirus

A Man kills partner & himself fearing they had coronavirus, he reportedly shot and killed his partner and himself after suspecting that both of them are victims to coronavirus pandemic outbreak. Patrick Jesernik, 54 and Cheryl Schriefer, 59, were both tested for the virus two days prior to their deaths but never saw the results. After they died, their tests came back negative was that suppose to be a magic or village people is being featured here? 

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Nevertheless, after the tragedy moment of the two lovers there was a press release, from the Will County Sheriff’s Office detailed the scene officers arrived at the house: 

All of the doors and windows of the residence were locked from the inside.  Police and fire personnel forced entry into the residence.  Deputies located Patrick Jesernik, age 54, and Cheryl Schriefer, age 59, in separate rooms of the residence, both deceased.  Both individuals had a pooling of blood formed around their heads.  A loaded revolver, containing two spent shell casings and three live rounds were located near Patrick’s body.  There were no signs of a struggle, and the home was neat and orderly 

Man Kills Partner & Himself Fearing They Had Coronavirus

Now, an autopsy confirmed that Schriefer’s death was a homicide and Jesernik’s was a suicide and the office concluded the press release by mentioning that there has been a rise in domestic disputes during the COVID-19 pandemic: 

During the current COVID-19 pandemic, the vast majority of service calls that Deputies have been responding to, involve domestic disputes and crisis intervention calls… you can reach out to Guardian Angel Community Service Groundwork 24 hour domestic violence hotline at 815-729-1228.” 


It may look insane but however it happened. Don’t overreact in situation similar to Coronavirus outbreak because it may lead to the loss of innocent lives. Stay Safe!! 

Man Kills Partner & Himself Fearing They Had Coronavirus

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