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News: Why Villagers Killed The India Tiger | Naijafindmp3

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News: Why Villagers Killed The India Tiger

PublishedBy: in newsJuly 29, 2019

Read Why Villagers Killed The Tiger In India 

“Why Villagers killed Niladri Sarkar A Bengal tiger in the Sundarbans, the world’s largest mangrove forest in India and Bangladesh”

Villagers in northern India beat to death a female tiger after the animal fatally mauled a man, authorities said.

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Nevertheless, we should know that only but a fewer than 4,000 tigers remain on Earth, the World Wildlife Fund says. Most live in reservations in India, where killing a tiger can result in jail time. The incident took place in a protected area of the Pilibhit Tiger Reserve on Wednesday afternoon, Pooranpur Police Inspector Keshav Kumar Tiwari said. However, Four people were arrested and 31 each received an initial complaint from the local forest department.

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The video of the attack has circulated on social media showing villagers repeatedly hitting the tiger with large sticks. It’s quite not fair to see an animal already on the verge if living the earth to be treated that way. Yet, Angry villagers might not took all the blame because this is a carnivorous animal.

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